To create a real high end look, consider toughened mirror splashbacks.

Toughened mirror is heat resistant (essential when being fitted behind a heat source such as a gas hob), impact resistant and scratch resistant.

Smooth, sleek and incredibly easy to clean, toughened mirror splashbacks are perfect to not only protect your walls from water and cooking splashes, but will also create a deep look to make rooms look larger and in many cases, lighter.

Choose from grey mirror, bronze mirror, silver mirror, blue mirror (not toughened) or green mirror (not toughened).

Toughened antique mirror splashbacks are also available in a variety of finishes and varying degrees of distressing. Each finish is truly unique, and the manufacture process is so specialist, you can be sure that by choosing antique mirror splashbacks you are choosing something truly special with stunning results every time.

Mirror Splashbacks look modern and eye-catching.

Mirror Splashback

Personal Service

Think mirror splashbacks might be for you, but still not entirely sure? We are here to help.

Our free home visit service means we can offer you free design advice and design recommendation based on your own ideas and colour schemes. We can answer questions on toughened mirror splashbacks and provide information based on what we see. And discuss your ideas face to face, to help narrow your choices to achieve a complimentary look to your finished kitchen or bathroom.

It also means we can calculate an exact, accurate price without the need for you to provide any information. The quote is a fixed price that would not change at templating stage.

This service is free of charge. Evening and weekend appointments are available no problem.

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Professional Quality

All our mirror kitchen splashbacks and mirror bathroom (unless specified above). Toughened mirror is not only heat resistant, but also impact and scratch resistant, meaning it’s very strong, durable and ideal to be used behind a heat source (such as a gas hob).

It will protect your walls from splashes of water, grease and oil, and as mirror is non-porous, it will not harbour any germs or bacteria like grout lines would with tiles.

Mirror splashbacks are super hygienic and incredibly easy to wipe clean and keep clean. A low maintenance, fantastic looking finish to your kitchen and bathroom walls. And as we offer a full ‘Measure, Fit & Finish’ service, all you have to do is confirm the tint or colour, we will do the rest.

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