A. It is impossible to give you an accurate price without actually seeing the area as many different elements have an impact on the possibilities for glass splashbacks. These in turn all have an impact on the price. Colour options, glass options, size, shape, amounts of cut-outs, type of cut-outs, the list goes on. Many companies ask you to send in dimensions and measurements so they can price, but they are pricing blind and the figures they give are very unlikely to be accurate in the slightest. This is why we have a free home visit service, in order to give you a firm, accurate price based on assessment of facts. It also means you can see and hold the product in a large variety of colours, we can answer your questions fully and offer advice on colour schemes and design.

Please use the online calculator in the DIY Shop section to wok out your Assisted DIY price.

A. We can produce any colour you wish. Our free home visit enables you to see our standard colour range under glass and hundreds of colour swatches. It is important for you to see the colour in the lighting of your own kitchen or bathroom as different degrees of light have a big impact on the colour. We can also match to RAL, Pantone, BS, NCS and many many other colour ranges.

For our Assisted DIY service, please choose from the specially selected colour range when ordering.

A. Not at all. At UK Splashbacks, all our glass splashbacks are toughened using the very latest in glass toughening technology, making our glass splashbacks heat resistant up to 400°C, scratch resistant and chip resistant. Our 12 year guarantee covers your glass splashback against colour fading or discolouration.

A. We can fit your new glass splashback to almost any surface. However, our representative will assess the surface thoroughly during your free home visit.

However, with our Assisted DIY service, you are responsible for preparing the wall or surface. Tile free and as smooth and flat as possible

A. Very little. This is just one of the many reasons why coloured glass splashbacks are the preferred choice for wall covering in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Just wiping down with every day glass cleaner and a soft cloth is enough to keep your glass splashback looking clean, bright and just like the day it was installed.

A. Yes. We provide a 12 year guarantee with all our glass splashbacks, which covers against the colour fading, flaking or chipping. The colour of your splashback will look exactly the same 12 years down the line (and longer) as it did on the day we fitted it. A 12 month guarantee is provided on the installation.

A. Yes, absolutely. Our glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass. Meaning they can stand heat up to around 400 degrees, and perfectly fine and ideal to be fitted behind a gas hob, as well as induction hobs, electric hobs and agas.

A. We will measure your glass splashbacks for you. We are glass splashback specialists, and one of our dedicated templating surveyors would measure out exactly how big the glass needs to be, taking into account cutouts for plugs, electrical points, taps and shaping the glass around kitchen units or curved extractor fans. Meaning no worry, hassle or measuring for you.

A. Yes. Very. Much more so than materials such as stainless steel, plastic, and tiles. With glass splashbacks, there are no grout lines (like with tiles) that will discolour over time. And as glass is non-porous, it is naturally stain resistant and nowhere for germs to harbour. We recommend wiping clean with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

A. We can produce some of the longest glass splashbacks in the industry (4500mm) so seamless splashbacks without joins are perfectly achievable. Book a free home visit from us in order to check access isn't a problem and we can then confirm the longest length possible for your home.

A. UK splashbacks are coloured glass splashback specialists. It's all that we do. Consequently, our surveyors and installers are highly experienced, paying close attention to detail. We handle the whole process from our initial free home visit to show you colour samples, measure up and price, to surveying and templating, to installation and finishing. We are a friendly, family run company that keep our prices keen but level of service high.